Monday, 4 February 2013

Blogging: Is it Important?

Blogging is a vital part of the English classroom and should be given higher importance. Today, most educated teenagers with access to a computer with internet are actively involved in social networking. However, for many, blogging does not place itself very high in their list of priorities. This is mainly due to two reasons. The first is that many 8th grade students do not find an interest in writing and sharing their opinions/perspectives in an eloquent and well written style. Such people prefer writing about such topics on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, where it is easier for them to connect with their friends and post any sort of media they like to (photo, video, music, etc.). Another possible reason for blogging being "unpopular", in a way, would be that teens cannot make time for it. School takes up most of the week, running from morning until mid-afternoon. On somedays, these students even have extra-curricular activities and other classes after school. But we still ask the same question: "If teens can make time for social networking, then why can't they make time for blogging?". Blogging is essential because people can express their views in well-written text. Especially for English class, blogging helps teachers to understand how students write. This is turn enables the teachers to help the students improve their writing so that they can articulate their thoughts better. In order to be successful in life, people must be able to articulate thoughts clearly and effectively so that people understand the message. When writing university exams, having knowledge about a subject is not enough; people must be able to articulate their thoughts clearly onto paper/online. We can thus come to the conclusion that blogging is an integral part of the English curriculum, and that it should be given equal importance to social networking.

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