Monday, 8 October 2012

The First Library Books of the Year

I've always loved visiting the school library. Whenever I am not doing a lunch-time activity at school, my favourite thing to do is to sit on a comfortable couch in the library with a good book, be it fiction or non-fiction. In my past years at school, my teachers made it one of their top priorities to take their classes to the library. So when our English teacher announced that we were finally going to the library as a class, I was overjoyed. Our librarian is really knowledgeable and is always ready to tell you which book would be perfect to read depending on the genre you like and your mood. I won't be surprised if I find out that she's read every book in the library!

Today I borrowed a book that particularly appealed to me. It's called "Banner In The Sky" and is written by an author named James Ramsey Ullman. The story is about a young boy who wants to pay tribute to his dead father by climbing the mountain in the Alps on which he had died 15 years earlier. It talks about the many challenges the young boy faces as he grows up and finally makes his journey to the peak. It seemed to me as though this would be an adventure book and since adventure is one of my favourite genres to read, I think it was a good choice. From what is written on the blurb, I expect this to be a really captivating novel that will be so interesting that it will be tough to put down. But so far, this book doesn't appear to be a thriller. Although I like the plot and theme of the story very much, the start of the story is very slow and a bit boring. However, I think the story will get a lot more interesting as it progresses because the book won a Newbery Honor Medal.

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