Tuesday, 30 October 2012

TED Talks- The Single Story

Just recently I watched a TED Talk in English class. Now, I have never watched a full ted talk before, just bits of some others. So when I listened to this talk today by a Nigerian lady about people's stereotypes, I was really fascinated. I found it interesting how someone could take such a simple topic as a stereotype and give a totally different perspective to it.

Here is the video:

When people create stereotypes of a a group of people or a place they are expressing a group of similar people or places as one, with certain characteristics. In fact, when people are open to the many stories that exist for many people, then it is easier for them to understand the subjects of the stories better. I think that we were shown the video in class today because the topic of our class was "what is normal". When single stories are created, the characteristics of the subject in the single story are known to society as "normal". If people do not exhibit the traits described by the single story, then they would be considered "abnormal". That, in my opinion is the wrong way of judging someone or something.

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