Tuesday, 9 October 2012

"Abnormal" Characters

In society, there is always a "Normal". "Normal" is always difficult to define, as it really depends on the environment surrounding a person and the age group that person is part of. For example, it is probably normal for an 18-year old going to an international school to hang out at the skate park or at the mall with some friends. However, for a 3rd grade student it just isn't. I don't care if people consider me "normal" or "abnormal". However, when reading a story or watching a movie, "abnormal" characters are exaggerated more. For example, in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, one of my favourites in 5th grade, I didn't consider a character named Fregley to be "normal". He was one of those kids who took pride in digging his nose and tasting the mucus afterwards. These are things that are not considered civilised and are not done by most people. Now, back to normal. There is always an unwritten civil code, which defines what is polite, impolite, gross, etc. If tasting mucus is not considered gross in a society, then they really have a major issue on their hands.

Surprisingly, I find a connection between myself and this "abnormal" character. Don't worry, I am not they type of person who likes smelling people's farts. But like Fregley, I am unaffected when people pass comments about me or consider me to be abnormal. I consider myself normal and that is enough to satisfy me. I know that everyone is different and displays different traits according to their exposure and environment so no one is weird or abnormal to me. Likewise, Fregley isn't bothered by what others say about him and continues merrily along his path.

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