Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The First Few Weeks of English.....

I have was never a blogger, at least, until now. That was probably because I never knew how to blog properly in the first place. I always ended up writing long, detailed posts, but somehow managed to delete them just as I was about to show my peers what a great job I had done. So this is my second attempt, and if you find a blank space on my blog a few days after I've made a post, remember, it will definitely have been my fault.
Now, about English class. Well, to sum it up, I have enjoyed every second of it. There are some topics in English which I thoroughly enjoy studying. For instance, the opportunity to create these blogs. Then there is novel study, which I find quite interesting because I like reading different genres of books. However, one of my favourites will definitely have to be free writing, because it lets all the thoughts and feelings about something flow out, and I don't have to hold them inside all the time. However, I still wish that school would throw in a poetry unit somewhere along the year rather than make us write essays, which we had to write throughout 7th grade.  

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  1. I agree. I think we should write poetry instead of essay. I feel this way because poetry brings out the inner creativity in you whereas essays, you just research a bunch of stuff and put it into a Pages/Word document.