Saturday, 22 September 2012

Chemical Reactivity: A Reflection

Science has always been one of my favourite subjects. there has never been a moment during science class where I've turned around and looked at the clock, waiting for the lesson to end. Learning about the theories behind how substances in the world behaves is fun. This year in Grade 8, chemistry particularly caught my eye. 

Over the past few weeks, my class has been learning about Chemical Reactivity, which focuses on how different substances react and what causes reactions. I've never really studied chemistry properly, so I learnt a lot of things over the course of the unit. Balancing chemical equations was probably my favourite. Chemical equations relate closely to algebra, a topic in Mathematics, which is another one of my favourite subjects. Applying the concepts of algebra into scientific equations was very fascinating. I also learnt about electron shells, valence electrons and how the atomic number of an element specifies it's position on the periodic table. In fact, I found this topic so interesting that I probably won't forget any of these concepts by the time I move into High School. However, I would have liked to learn more about ionic and covalent bonds, because it was a topic we only touched on. 

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